Consultancy for the organisation of the procedures
and strategies of marketing

We have worked with billions of vacation rentals, agencies, tour operators and property managers.

Thanks to our wide knowledge, we developed winning strategies and successful initiatives able to affect directly the turnovers and the organisation of the companies which have leaned on us over the time.

Our deep knowledge of the tourist industry, and in particularly of the vacation rental, allows us to provide you the consultancy you need. We can help you to start a business or, simply, support you in spotting effective tools to promote your company.

Strict consultancy packages do not exist, there are only formulas created according to every single case and depending on the kind of service requested.

What the consultancy service includes

Strategic consultancy

for marketing actions and business choices.

We have developed plentiful competences thanks to the well-rounded experience and deep knowledge of the algorithms of the most important distribution channels.

Internal management and organisation

We examine your specific situation and your work procedures in order to suggest the best organisational solutions to make you save time and money.

We recommend solutions to improve your performance, the quality of the services provided and minimise the margin of error.

Technical consultancy

For every aspect of the management of the software and components of VRBookings.

A support to speed up your working time, avoid accidents and technical errors.

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