The management system for your reservations.
The core of VRBookings

VRBookings is, first of all, a reservations management system.

An intuitive and safe software to manage your reservation’s requests, the calendar and the availability of an accommodation.

How does it work?

It makes you save time avoiding any error, such as preventing you from manually adding reservations or managing unpleasant overbookings.

Why should you choose VRBookings?

Because it doesn’t need any installation. It can be used directly through the web and it can be set according to your needs, moreover it is complete, easy to use and adaptable.

What does it mean?

It means that you can use it as reservation management system and then improve it when you want with all the other features.

PMS, management system for your reservations: all the features

Properties Management

A property database with all the information always up-to-date and available to be shown on your website or to be exported on the distribution channels. Descriptions, features, photos, prices, calendars, reservation policies.

Reservations Planning

An easy and complete calendar in tableau to manage. One tool which gives you a whole overview of your activities, check-in and check-out and the trend of your business.


Manage the entire invoicing procedure, including the electronic invoicing, you need nothing else: one and only access to be in control of the reservations, arrival dates, check-out and even invoices.

All in one tool, nothing simplier.


Technical assistance and support in the best and most immediate way to make the best use of all the features of your management software.


Check the development of the reservations and compare the charts and, if you need, you can get also some customised reports with specific details, so that you can make decisions with the utmost awareness.

Multi-user Access

No limits: you can work together with your team on this management system.

Each one has his own access and can act on VRBookings at the same time as the other users.

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