Channel Manager
The most complete and versatile one ever

The Channel Manager is the core of VRBookings.

Actually, it is something more: it is the component which can change your business. Why?

Because it allows you to manage all your distribution channels, such as, Airbnb and Homeaway, saving time, money and avoiding any mistakes.

Thanks to VRBookings Channel Manager you can get automatically the reservations, have a real-time synchronization of the availability on every distribution channel you work with and manage separately every property, channel by channel.

The advantages? Countless.
First of all, you do not have to worry about calendars updates and reservations or manage the differences of prices and availability any more. You do not have to limit, you can advertise your properties on all the portals you want to.

That’s why VRBookings Channel Manager affect directly your whole business and not only the management of reservations.

All the connections of the VRBookings Channel Manager are completely developed by us and our support team daily monitor all the synchronization status, both input and output.

Only one Channel Manager for all the most important distribution channels

VRBookings is Connectivity partner 2022

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