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Airbnb has recently announced that on the 7th December the Property Managers synchronised with channel manager will be moved to the Airbnb programme Host-only Fee.

What is the Airbnb Host-only fee

The commission fee requested by Airbnb will be entirely covered by the host. As a result the host will pay a commission fee of 15% and the guest can make reservations without any extra fee.

Thanks to this change the host will have a total control on the total rent and he will be able to communicate easily with their guests about prices.

Airbnb has verified that the hosts who joint into the programme Host-only fee with a competitive price have incremented their reservations of 17%* (*this increment has been observed into the reservations that the hosts included in the Host-only Fee programme have received in Europe between November 2019 and February 2020. The real results can vary according with the host.)


What I need to change on 7th December 2020?

Airbnb will apply automatically the change on 7th December 2020 and no actions is requested.

If you are using a VRBookings management area and a VRBookings channel manager to synchronise your properties on Airbnb, on 7th December you will be asked to update the percentage of commission of the Channel Airbnb in your VRBookings area: “Channel Manager” -> “Airbnb” -> “Commission Settings“.

Thanks to VRBookings you will be able also to change the percentage of Scaling up/down to be applied on your Airbnb listings. If you want to apply a Scaling up/down for all your listings please proceed from the section “Channel Manager” -> “Airbnb” -> “Commission settings”; if you want to apply a Scaling up/down only for some personalised listings please proceed from the section “Product Database -> Property -> Manage Publications -> Airbnb synchronization settings”.


Is it possible to activate the Host-only Fee before the 7th December 2020? 

Yes, the host can join into the Host-only Fee programme also now. As a result the transition will be controlled, the prices can be updated before the passage and the host can access to the advantages of a controlled price, for example a better positioning and visibility for guests and more competitive prices. To join into the Host-only fee programme please click here.


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